How to export multiple linked Issues on an Issue using Xporter along with attachments

Jira does not offer unfortunately out of box such an export function. However, there is a good alternative to make this work as named on summary section. This add-on called “Xporter for Jira”. The link to add-on could be found in the following link. Just choose the appropriate version based on your Jira Instance

Official documentation : Xporter for Jira

Atlassian Marketplace: Xporter – Export issues from Jira

Bear in mind that this add-on is a paid one but a good support and documentation ship with it.

In order to achieve to list all linked issues under an issue with attachments, you can use the following code snippet from the following file.


But the most important part is to use the jql code which is only available if you have Scriptrunner for Jira is installed on your Jira instance.

issueFunction in linkedIssuesOfRecursiveLimited(“issue = ${Key}”, 1) }

General idea can be taken from this link. The query limits only the issue which you are working on with only “1” depth which is equal to current issue. You can also expand it indirectly by increasing it. Moreover, I advise you first to check the link I supplied. This link might also be usable if you need more info.

Lastly, what you need to do is to create a template in the templates section of your Jira project. Configure “Output” format as PDF. After saving it, navigate to an issue. Click “Export -> Xporter” and find your template. Wola! If you have configured everything correctly, you get all your linked Issues listed along with attachments within PDF. This can adjusted based on your requirements as well.

Good luck.



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