Working with Epic statuses in Jira

A quick description regarding the “Epic stasuses” by Atlassian. However, complete instruction could be found in the following link.

Working with epic statuses

Epic statuses

Since issues in epics can be from multiple projects and the issues contained in the epic might have different workflows and statuses, an epic status is different from the workflow status. Epic status has three values by default:

  • To Do
  • In Progress
  • Done

The epics displayed in the Epics panel have one of the following statuses: To Do, or In Progress.

The epic status field is hidden by default.

Apart from that the problem I am facing mostly:

  • If you want to select an Epic in an issue, the suggestion list is very long, poorly sorted and therefore mostly not manageable.
  • This leads to the fact that one assigns the tickets wrong (wrong Epic or ticket collection) or not at all.
  • This contradicts the sense of assigning the tickets to a specific phase.

The reason:

  • There are so many Epics in “Epic Link” (including Epics with the status “Closed”) This is because the issues are being shown based on a second “invisible” field called “Epic Status”.
  • By saying that issues which have a type of Epic have two fields describing the status. Once the normal status according to our workflow (New, “Ready for Review”, Resolved etc.) and once the Epic status (“To Do”, “In Progress”, “Done”).
  • The Epic suggestion list shows all Epics that do NOT have the Epic status “Done”.
  • The Epic status can be adjusted manually in the Backlog view for each Epic. If you ever change the Epic status of an Epic to “Done”, it disappears from the selection list. If you set an Epic to the status “Reopened” in your workflow, you also have to remember to set the Epic status back to “To Do”, so that it appears in the list again.


  • This could be achieved either by using jira automation or
  • Adjusting post-function which your Epic relies on or
  • Use an add-on like described here

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