Copy values between fields by using Structure in Jira

If you want to overwrite the content of the fields or simply copy it from one into antother, you can use the following steps in Structure.

This is possible using Effectors.

  1. Click on the “+” icon on the right side of “Automation” and select “Effectors“, then “Attribute to issue field…“;
  2. On the “Attribute” field select the “source field” attribute, and on the “Field” select “target field“; 
  3. Click on “Save and Run” and proceed to the screen where it will show the changes that will be made by Effector. If all Issues in your Structure should receive this value in the “target” field, choose “Apply All” or select which issues you want to receive the information.

Refer to Attribute to Issue Field Effector for more information. 


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