C# – Single Dimensional Array

Today we will explore in brief single dimensional array; Index vs. Elements Accessor vs. Stored Values Indexes are zero based Declaring Arrays Declaring and Initializing Arrays Setting / Getting Values As usual, a bit detailed explanation from microsoft.com You can declare a single-dimensional array of five integers as shown in the following example: C# int[]Continue reading “C# – Single Dimensional Array”

C# – Formatting Strings

Today, a topic which is mostly neglected from many of us. Here it is Concenate strings + += Format Strings  Format Numbers Tue, 15, 09, 1988 Formatting Currency 5.000 € Here is again detail information from microsoft.com Standard numeric format strings are used to format common numeric types. A standard numeric format string takes theContinue reading “C# – Formatting Strings”

C# – Working with Spans of Time

As the beginning of the week, I want to show you ‘working with Spans of Time’ Let’s jump into topic as usual; Create and Initialize new TimeSpans //Days.Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Miliseconds Get Individual Parts …… or get TOTAL elapsed time as double representing both of number of days / hour / etc. AND fractional values representing “left overs”Continue reading “C# – Working with Spans of Time”

C# – Conditional Ternary / Comparision and Logical Operator

As usual today as well I will be showing operators in C# Shortcut for evaluating  an expression  and returning a result; Conditional Ternary Operator Here we are saying that if a and b is equal, evaluate first expression which is “Equal”, if not then evaluate “Not Equal” Comparision and Logical Operator Comparision operators used forContinue reading “C# – Conditional Ternary / Comparision and Logical Operator”