C# – Working with List of Collections

Use Generic Collections to work with items in a strongly typed fashion. Better than arrays: Know the type of the item for a certainty, no casting / converting Better performance inserting / removing / updating Collections provide more flexible actions to access items in the collection. Allows for LINQ extension methods Many different type ofContinue reading “C# – Working with List of Collections”

C# – Static versus Instance Members

Static member – no instance of the class required to call method. Instance member – must create an instance w/ new keyword to call methods and properties. Can mix in the same class, but can not reference instance members from inside of static members. Classes can be decorated w/ static keyword – all members mustContinue reading “C# – Static versus Instance Members”

C# – Naming Conventions For Identifiers

You will find the general rules for identifiying naming PascalCase – public camelCase – private, protected   Public classes, methods and properties – PascalCase Private helper methods, input parameters – camelCase Locally scoped variables – camelCase Private field – camelCase prefixed w/ underscore: _firstName Choose long, memorable, understandable names that convey meaning / intent.