C# – Mapping Enum Types to Entity Properties in the Entity Framework Designer

Enums have implicit numeric indicies. You can change the “seed”: Implies 1, 2, 3 The Entity Framework Designer maps enums to int data types. In Entity Data Model Diagram(edmx) – Right-click column – Select convert to enum – In the Add Enum Type dialog, either: — Select reference external type, enter namespace + type, or…Continue reading “C# – Mapping Enum Types to Entity Properties in the Entity Framework Designer”

C# – Nuget Package Management and No-Commit Workflow

Package Manager – install files, folders, add references to third party packages supplying common functionality. Add dependencies. Update packages and dependencies Tools -> Nuget Package Manager -> Package Manager Console Install-Package elmah Update-Package elmah package.config file keeps track of packages, dependencies and versions. Nuget No-Commit Workflow To restore deleted packages at compile: Solution Explorer ->Continue reading “C# – Nuget Package Management and No-Commit Workflow”

Using a Tools- or Maintenance-Centric Approach to Building a Database Application

Tools-Centric approach / workflow = use Visual Studio’s designers, tools, etc. to build applications w/ minimal code. Great for small, departmental apps with little business logic, change is not anticipated and there is a tight frame. In Contrary, Maintenance-Centric approach  / workflow = Anticipate change, mitigate it’s negative effects on software by separating concerns, applyingContinue reading “Using a Tools- or Maintenance-Centric Approach to Building a Database Application”

C# – Displaying the DbSet Result in an ASP.Net Gridview

Gridview server control – Databinds to enumerable collections of objects and renders in a tabular format. Must call ToList() on DbSet to bind to a databound control. Implementing a Button Command in a GriedView Click Chevron -> GridView Taks -> Edit Columns… BoundField – Databind to a object property ButtonField – Hyperlink Button Handle buttonContinue reading “C# – Displaying the DbSet Result in an ASP.Net Gridview”