C# – Understanding .Net Framework and Compalition

Today we have a topic that we hear it all throughout the lifecycle of a software development process.

The .Net Framework consists of ;

  • Runtime (Common Language Runtime, (CLR) ‘protection buble’, manage memory, protects user’s machine, etc.
  • .Net Framework Class Library (FCL, Base Class Library, BCL) – thousand of classes built by Microsoft for every imaginable purposes.
  • Compilers(C# compiler, VB compiler) – turns human readable source code into Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSI, IL) and packaged into a .NET assembly (.exe – executable, or .dll – class library)
  • Many other tools features

Initial compliation to Indermediate language, then a second compliation JIT – Just in Time Compliation – an optimed version of the assembly for the specific hardware and software. Happens at first request on that computer.


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