C# – First Pass at the Separation of Concern Principle

Separate concers at the mitigate the impact of change on a software system. Common “concerns”: Presentation logic Business / Domain logic Persistence logic Recommendation: Seperate concerns into projects within a given solution. Naming convention: MyApplication(Solution name) MyApplication.Presentation(.Web, etc. presentation project) MyApplication.Domain(domain/business rules project) MyApplication.Persistence(.Data, .DB persistence project)

C# – Looping with the Foreach Iteration Statement

More elegant way to iterate collections In Visual Studio, after typing foreach, press tab button twice Implicitly Typed Local Variables with the var Keyword (Applies to locally scoped variable declarations) Compiler is smart enough to figure out the data type when you initialize the variable. Become increasingly important because sometimes its difficult to know whatContinue reading “C# – Looping with the Foreach Iteration Statement”